Houston’s A S S

We are Houston’s only accordion four-piece with a setlist that includes songs by Lou Reed, Corey Hart, and Beyonce. Musicians Cathy Power, Erin Rodgers, Anthony Barilla and Jacob Bori combine beautiful vocal harmonies, unexpected rhythms and three accordions in a way that makes them happy and their audiences even happier.

Your event needs one thing: more accordions.

For booking contact houstonsass at yahoo dot com.

Sweet Dreams
During the first week of quarantine for Covid-19, Houston’s only accordion trio cover band wondered what would happen if they and a few friends submitted their version of a music video while experiencing extreme social distancing. No other directions were given. This is the result.
If you’re going to be cooped up* in one place for a long time, it’s good to remember to exercise. Houston’s A.S.S. put this together with 19 of our friends to keep you moving while you’re safe indoors. Filmed and recorded this week in isolation at our homes in Houston and Austin. All our love and appreciation to Kacee Dugas, Alli Villines, Mara McGhee, Scott Ayers, Stephanie Page, John Dunn, Kirk Suddreath, Noel Bowers, Walt Zipprian, Bill Savoie, Leila Henley, Henna Chou, Chris Bakos, Zoe Barilla-Deuschle, Marianthe Perce, Mortando, James Medford and Paul Locklear. With a little additional help from Jeff McDonald. We’re definitely not going stir crazy. *Get it? Cooped up? Get it?
Quarantine Christmas 2020 squeezing together virtually.

At Houston’s Art Car Ball April 2022